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Press Release

News is the muse for topical poetry

Poetry24 has been reaching around the world to readers and writers of poetry, spreading worthy news stories to everyone. Now, in its second year, the founding members have stepped down, and three new editors have taken their place.

[OPTIONAL: Local poet [Name] has appeared on the site [number of times] with a poem inspired by [news subject] - see below. [Name] says: "[Whatever you want to say about appearing in Poetry24]."]

The unique poetry blog publishes news-related poems with a link to the story that inspired them. It is jointly edited by Hampshire-based former columnist and writer, Martin Hodges and Liverpool writer and poet, Clare Kirwan.

Martin says, “The idea was partly inspired after I wrote a poem about the uprising in Egypt. A fellow blogger left a comment on my personal blog, Square Sunshine, which read, ‘I am reading your words and at the same time watching the News24 reports from Cairo and thinking you might have invented Poetry24’.”

Since its inception, the blog has published poems from a dozen countries on everything from the Arab Spring to Zanesville Zoo. It crosses borders too – with a Puerto Rican poet writing about Fukushima, a Netherlands-based poet writing about Libya, and a Canadian poet writing about the face of Kate Middleton being found in a jelly bean. Local stories have featured too, like cheese-rolling and a local cafĂ© being forced to change its name.

Clare says: “A poem can say as much as a lengthy article – and we can publish it as fast as a newspaper: the vast majority of the poems we publish are online with-in three days of submission, and a quarter within 24hours!

Submission guidelines are simple: Poets are asked to write about their response to breaking news – whether that’s with passion, rage, compassion and/or humour. Up to 2 poems (under 40 lines preferred) can be sent at a time to the editors with a link to the relevant news story and a 30-word biog. 

- ends -

Notes to editors

Contacts for more information:
clare at clarekirwan dot co dot uk

Martin dot Hodges at btinternet dot com
  • N.B. We can direct you to poems on most topical issues of the last 12 months if you’re looking for a particular subject / nationality

Example poem

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Sea Saw

See the great mouth of the ocean, opening,
the ships upturned, their foredecks prised,
surprised tin cans of people, emptying, cars
float past houses drowning, all the things
that should be standing, falling, the high
tide water mark erased by waterfalls, all
vanishing in the widening rings, the pool
of dislocation with her giddy swirls that
draw the weak eye in,

                          unbalancing, turning
the world into an emptying, a draining vase
of something left for dead, dead flowers,
dead hopes, dead animals left tethered in the
fields that filled and filled and as we watch
them, drain and drain again, until we see it all
now - all the missing, all the living, all the dread.

©  Helena Nolan (Ireland)

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