Friday, 1 August 2014

No Place to Hide.

Viewers may find some images distressing. We hope you

keep watching. We hope. Will our film make a difference?

Berah is 8. Displaced. Out of school she learns about

weapons, the different names of bullets and tracers.

Ezadine is 9 but says he only looks like a child.

Now, at 12 years, you must go for jihad.

Izzeddin is 10. He dreams of fighting. Claims friends

who’ve been martyred. Already he is the enemy of

Jalal,14, who will fight for the other side. Now children understand politics. We will die for our country.

Forever on the edge of the playground, Mariam,9,

grips her crutches, stands on her remaining leg.

Daad is 11. Her dreams are nightmares, too many faces

of dead friends.  I hate the future so much, she says.

© Sue Norton
Sue lives and writes in York

Thursday, 31 July 2014

New York Morning

             Brooklyn goes dark
and then Manhattan,
as they shield the world
from prying eyes.
Scuttle unseen
through landmarks
of dreams
and bleach from skin
the stains of war,
so when we wake
from fist of sleep
is it to surrender
or first flutterings
of peace?
© Maurice Devitt